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Can make their membranes as hard as metal

The Gray Gloople is an advanced form of an Oozle. When an Oozle fuses with a Green Gloople or with another Oozle, it became grayish, like metal.


Grays are around the same size as an Oozle. However, they go through some changes. Grays are, obviously, grey in color, and they have little tentacles hanging off their membrane. They are also an oval shape instead of the Oozles constantly changing shape.


Effectively, a Gray can harden its skin to nullify damage: even small explosive weapons have no effect. However, a Gray is still a jelly-like just like the Oozle, so it can simply roll over its enemies and engulf them. Lastly, but not for strength, a Gray can shoot a long, hardened, lance-like tentacle. This "spear" is powerful enough to break through an human body. Once the prey is stabbed by the spear, it retracts it back into its body with to absorb it. An interesting fact is that whereas a Green Gloople displays very little intelligence, and the Oozle can go after prey, the Gray can surpass obstacles by hardening its skin or finding another way to the enemy; however, when using its "spear", a Grey is unable to react to attacks, because it cannot harden its skin and maintain the "spear" at the same time, as there's not enough metal.

The Gray can perform reverse mitosis just like its lesser cousins; however, this action will generate a powerful and strange Gloople - the Void-Eater.