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Kantus are the Locust priests or monks that are used to communicate with their powerful screeches. They are deployed majorly as medics on the battlefield.


They have snake-like forked tongues, which often makes it look like they've two individual tongues. They wear long cloaks as well as body armor, along with a crown-like helmet. Their skin is a beige-white, and is a little more leathery than the skin of Drones. A Kantus' feet is more reptilian than human-like. They also have a much taller stature due to the fact that they walk on the balls of their feet.


Kantus are primarily used as medics on the battlefield, as they can revive other Locust and communicate using their powerful high-pitched screech. They do, however, wield a Gorgon Pistol and Ink Grenades.

Notable members of the speciesEdit

  • Skorge - the High Priest of the Kantus. He led the Locust forces during Operation: Hollow Storm, and nearly destroyed the city of Jacinto, but was eliminated by COG soldiers Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago.


  • The Kantus was unlocked as a playable character for Multiplayer of Gears of War 3 after getting the Gold Medic medal.
  • Most Kantus explode into a cloud of ink upon death.