Razor Queen
Razor Queen
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Multiple special abilities

Very rarely, a nest that reaches a certain level of maturity in which a queen is born will have an unusually large amount of biters in it's population. Through a certain mutation process a queen will be crossed with a biter, thus giving birth to the most deadly, biggest, baddest gloople known to the universe; the biter queen, or razor queen. This gloople seems to show traits from many different types of glooples: Like a queen, 'her' primary attack is two blades about 5 times the length of the actual body, and they are used the same way; to hack and slash any intruder bold enough to come that deep into a nest to bits. Like biters, this gloople produces hard, keratinous spike shaped objects at an extremely fast rate, which 'she' uses for various projectiles. Like the biter, this gloople sheds off the excess "teeth."

She also uses an advanced form of the "larva" tecnique to turn glooples and oozles into sub-ordinate organisms with these blade-like spines.

The queen is well-protected, and minor openings are rare and short-lived. This is the most deadly gloople you could possibly face in a nest.